Writing in Class

My writing in class up to this point has been rather lacking. I used to write a lot when I was younger. I would spend hours a day writing different stories. I’d say, for my age, I was above average when it came to writing. However, nowadays, I struggle to just get a few words down, especially if it is something I can’t relate to. I have this issue where (and it only applies to certain things; I’m not a perfectionist) it has to be just right before I can start working on it. I have to have the perfect idea in mind before I can start typing, otherwise I just can’t do it. 


Responding to Wine to Water

Thus far in the book, I can see there is much conflict in the world of Doc Hendley. There are many ups and downs. I’m not very far into the book at this point. But I know Doc still has many challenges to overcome if he wants to make the world a better place and to provide clean water for the area (and even the rest of the world for that matter) to drink. 

Digital Story Analysis

What do I plan to do to complete the digital story analysis? Well, for starters, I’ll have to figure out how I’m going to write three pages over a short clip. But after that, it should be easy enough. I suppose I would try to find a meaning in the video and then type some stuff about it and ramble on for a while and hope for the best. 


To me, storytelling in general has an introduction, the plot, and then an ending. A story will start out somewhere and it will be described. The introduction of the main character(s) will be told. Then events begin to unfold. The story progresses and, eventually, there is conflict. The heroes of the story overcome the conflict and they live happily ever after. 

…Or do they?

Me, Writing Habits, and Goals

Hi, my name is Austin Bergfield. I’m from Richmond, Indiana. I run Cross Country and Track for Indiana University East and I am majoring in psychology.

When it comes to my writing habits, I tend to ramble, and get a little sidetracked. I sometimes find it difficult to write exactly what I’m thinking.

I’d say the goals I have are pretty simple. I plan to graduate with decent grades, get a job that I can live off of, and go from there. Also, maintaining a healthy lifestyle (running, eating healthy, etc.) throughout my life is something I hope to do.